Massala of Things

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today is election day! I hope that all qualifying American citizens go out and cast their precious votes. For African Americans it's a right that is very precious because of the generations that fought for it. For all Americans is a privilege to have the right and the privilege to vote. I hope you go out and 'rock your vote' as they say. I think that every election is important. I think it's a chance to make things better and to make your voice be heard. My husband's vote might determine who will be the president when our child is born. That's exciting.

It's getting much colder. Last winter might have been the coldest one ever (we ran out of oil a couple of times). This winter will be different. I will be very pregnant and warm inside of my home. Here in town a lot of families are struggling to stay warm. My prayer is to be able to help with that.
I've been reading blogs from other pregnant women. One of them is of a lady who's been sleeping on a mattress because she got allergy because of the smell of paint coming from the nursery she's setting up. It doesn't bother everyone but I heard that it's not recommended to be around strong smells like that. When you don't have the luxury to move out, I'm thinking you have to make the best out of the situation just like this lady. I'm thinking about asking my husband to start painting on Friday, so the paint can dry over the weekend – and I can find somewhere else to go. I'm really excited about painting the nursery and starting to fill it up with furniture.

I went on a great walk yesterday. I walked a little over 3.7 miles. The day was so perfect, it wasn't that cold or that hot. It felt GREAT to get back to walking. My husband also encouraged me to make sure I have healthy snacks for the whole day. That was a great advice I failed to follow for the past couple of weeks. When we hit the grocery store I just made sure to buy a variety of things I haven't had in a while such as banana chips and yogurt. The pears I bought tasted really sweet and I got some grapefruits as well. So, it's back to normal. Normal is great.