Oh Baby! Week 15.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm gonna make a confession: I don't read on baby stuff every day. I might glance every week on a web site to see what's going on inside of me. My reason? Lack of time and lack of time to read on scary information. Most side effects don't apply to me, so instead of looking forward to suffering, I try to look for the fun stuff. Don't get me wrong, I'm very much aware of the major developments and etc but the most important thing is to focus on what's happening to the unique baby growing inside of me. All pregnancies are different, all babies develop differently so why compare myself to everyone else? 
My cousin let me borrow her copy of What to Expect when you are Expecting. I read on it some when I first got it but to be honest, I haven't seen it every since. There's so much information out there but the most important information comes from the doctors who have known me for years and keep up with my labs, etc. 
Tomorrow I will be 15 weeks pregnant, 25 more weeks to go. Every time I count down out loud somebody says 'don't rush it, enjoy it,' like I can make time go by fast LOL. I am enjoying and I also long to see this baby. Sometimes I look at Zeke and wonder how much this baby will look like him, which features will be identical, which will be a mix of the two of us. I have brand new life growing inside of me. Sometimes that's too amazing. 
Besides looking forward to knowing the sex of the child, I keep waiting to feel the movement that goes on inside. I've seen the baby moving, I'm just waiting to feel it. I do a lot of moving of my own throughout the day. A little less now on week 15. On week 4 - 10 we were on the move constantly, training for a 5K, etc. Now we do exercise but trust me, we're not burning 3,000 calories, I'm waiting til after my baby is born so I can go back to my super training schedule. I'm really thankful to God for this pregnancy. I thank Him for the daily prayers of my husband and his constant love and support. It's been fun, it's been joyful and it's gonna get better as 25 weeks go by. Have a great weekend and as always, thanks for reading.
10 Fun things to do During Pregnancy (and after):
* Get a manicure
* Get a pedicure 
* Get a facial
* Go to Mac and get makeup
* Go swimming
* Hear a symphony orchestra
* Watch an old English romance movie that lasts 4 hours
* Get my hair done
* Get a new wardrobe and shoes
* Get my house clean so I can just sit on it and admire the flowers