Sunday, November 23, 2008

What are you most excited about? I am most excited about having a new member added to the family I love. It’s exciting to see that my love for Zeke will go on through this baby. It seems cheesy but that’s the way I feel. I’m also looking forward to the changes that a new baby will bring, believe it or not. 
How is your energy level compared to “normal”? It’s pretty normal I’d say. I was tired for a few weeks but I’m pretty much back to normal: work, gym, church, house work, etc. I do take more time to rest so I have energy to go on and do all that I do. 
What clothes are you finding most comfy? My old clothes still fit me okay. It was hard to believe that I still fit into small shirts, Zeke said it’s because I’m small. I just have to accept it and move on. My pants are getting tighter around the waist but the low riders are just fine for now. 
What type of food are you craving or have aversion to; does the smell of pickles make you smile or gag? My relationship with food has not changed. I had the idea that pregnancy meant lots of sweets. I haven’t had such cravings at all. I’m more sensitive to smells. Currently, any perfume, cologne, etc irritate my allergies.
What color will you paint the nursery? We painted it light yellow, it’s lovely and very happy. 
What is something interesting that your husband has said about your pregnancy? He said I had mood swings before I got pregnant, when I was struggling with weight and self esteem issues. I thought, he was so right. It made me see how far the Lord has brought me from. Zeke also said I’ve been doing really good while pregnant. 
What is a gift that anyone could give you while pregnant? Prayers for a healthy baby and great health as my pregnancy progresses.