Massala of Things

Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Friday!!! I’ve been sleeping very well this week. I attribute part of this to my secret weapon: EXERCISE! I forget about how great I sleep when I exercise often during the week.

Let’s talk holiday parties. So far we have around 5 for the season. With three down and two to go I’m feeling good. Yesterday I really had to force myself to get a tangerine in before going to a party luncheon. I knew they were going to have food there but I dare not arrive starving. Me and my boy do not like to eat a lot in one seating.

This pregnancy has been a blessing because of God did for me in order to help me prepare. I am finally feeling the growth in my belly. I feel it more when I go to sleep and of course, the way it looks. From here til labor day (LOL) it’s going to get bigger and bigger. I never had a flat stomach, so the size does not bother me. The fact that I’m not in my slimmest days do not bother me #1 because I’m healthy and pregnant; #2 because in my fattest days I was WAY bigger than this. Now how impressive is that?

We have a huge mirror in our bedroom so I can’t help but look at this pregnant body every day in all its glory. I look at myself with amazement and awe. I can’t help but think of God’s creation growing inside of me, I’m just an instrument to protect and nurture for a season. Of course I will do the same once my son is born but he will be doing things on his own.

My baby has always moved a lot, I’m the one who’s catching up on feeling it. I’m starting to feel it more but nothing constant or predictable. He always moves a lot during our ultrasounds. The first thing he did when we got there earlier this week was to open and close his mouth, that was cute.

Oh, we also have two weddings to attend this season. My hope was to fit in one of the dresses I bought for the summer wedding we attended but I haven’t tried it on. If I have to buy an outfit, good for me. I’ll probably buy at least one that is not so party like I can wear it to another nice outing. We’ll see.

Talking about parties, my birthday is coming up. Yeah, once a year it always happens. It’s funny to hear that 1980 was almost 30 years ago but I don’t feel that way. I still feel in the spring of life, age is really just a number. I guess my focus lately have been: make sure that you live an abundant life, no matter how young you are.

{1} Go to the gym at least 4 times (0 out of 4 to go!);
{2} Snack before going to 5 holiday parties this season;
{3} Drink at least 32 oz of H2O per day;
{4} Treat myself to a mani or/and pedi;