Your 3 Things

Monday, December 15, 2008

We have one more year that’s going by FAST and a brand new year coming up. New Year’s resolution anyone? Not for me. I gave up on these a long time ago (1997 to be exact). Yesterday at church we were encouraged to list a few things that if we do it, it will absolutely change our lives. I enjoyed the challenge. My year will be divided in two: before baby and after baby. It will be a joyous year of change and adaptation to a new member in our family and vice-versa. I believe God gives us children who join what the family is already doing. We are getting great advice about boys. We have great friends in church who had only boys or a boy period, so they are excited for us. I heard a couple tell me yesterday that you are really having a son who is a man. It’s wise to raise a man, who will be someone’s husband, father and who will be a man of God. One year at the time, with God’s help we will get there.
Now, back to the joys of pregnancy, my waist line is ever expanding and it will be like this for 4 more months LOL. I’m feeling grateful for the way God designed my body. Over a period of 9 months you adapt to new life growing inside of me. The waist expansion does not happen in a week, it’s a process. I’m learning to live and move around with my new body. For me, being in the gym is essential right now. Before pregnancy, it was all about doing something for me. Those 40 minutes are the one thing I did for myself the whole day. Now it’s more than me, it’s about giving the body who’s carrying new life the chance to be working well, a chance to be strong. I still feel the benefits but I believe the double when you are expecting. All women, pregnant or not, struggle with doing something for themselves. I’m not gonna pretend like it is easy. It’s a struggle but worth fighting for. I put the ball on your court: what are the 3 things you can do in 2009 for your health that will absolutely change your health? Small steps add up, that’s what I experienced in 2007 and 2008. From pound to pound we eliminated 40. Let me know what your 3 things are and I will let you know what mine are next time. Have a great week and start expecting a great new year filled with health and happiness.
Goals for the Week:
{1} Work out 4 times for at least 40 minutes;
{2} Lift weights, for at least 2 times;
{3} Drink at least 2 liters of water per day;
{4} Snack before attending holiday parties;
{5} Pedicure & manicure!