Health, Date, Love

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You can catch a disease but you can’t catch health. You have to choose to be healthy.” Joyce Meyer
I loved this quote I heard Joyce Meyer say yesterday! She was talking about eliminating emotional stress but we all know how much weight adds emotional stress to our lives. Once the term 'emotional eater' was made popular by Oprah, many could relate to this reality. The truth for Christians is that we do not rely on our feelings, we walk by faith and we seek God to do the supernatural while we press on in the natural. Glory be to God!

I went to the gym yesterday yet a different time :) I went right before lunch and it was awesome. It seems that anything before noon has more energy than anything after 5. The important thing is to keep moving (that's something my baby boy is doing, moving more and more!). There's an incentive going on at work to keep everyone more active. I love a competition, so it's been fun to get a little money to do something I do anyway. How easy can it get? They send you a pedometer and you just log in so a program automatically measures your steps and compares it to your goals. I'll do it while I can. I'm not trying to win and be the biggest loser, it's one more encouragement to stay active while expecting.

Zeke and I went on a date last night. We looked at some cribs, registered for baby things (now that we know the sex is so much more fun!) and went to Starbucks. I couldn't remember the last time we went there. That used to be one of our favorite date things to do and it still is.I took a photo of what I got and what he got :) They were about to close when we got there but we still enjoyed it. I love Zeke. He's my husband, best friend and we just have so much fun together! I rather be with him than with any other person on earth. He just gets me.

As you can see, we make very different choices when we go out :) Zeke gets some kind of music magazine and I get some kind of health magazine. I found a mag called "Experience Life" and loved it! Check it out online. Before our wedding I got bride magazines, now I get pregnancy and parenting magazines but health mags are still my favs :)

We had a break from the bitter cold. It's actually cool outside, just nice. It's cloudy enough that you wish you could still be in bed but it's just Tuesday people! Let's keep walking :)