A Huge Update for You!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy new year! I'm back to 'normal' yall. Last week we were fasting. Because I'm pregnant I'm not fasting food, so was fasting media (blogging, news, tv, etc...) we also are praying for two weeks, twice a day we have prayer meetings at the church. I love it. I love praying and it's a great way to start your day/year, whatever. So many things happened since I last posted, which is good so I have tons of things to blog about.

1. Birthday - My birthday was the best one ever. I celebrated with my husband. He served me breakfast in bed with my favorite foods. I'm the early riser at our home, so Zeke really surprised when he walked in with that tray. I had berries and nuts pancaques, granola, fruit and tea. I told him if he had not done anything else, that was enough for me. So he went on to tell me that he got me a subscription to The New Yorker. I was so thankful cause I'm running out of everything I subscribe to. We did sing at the wedding smack in the middle of the day. The ceremony was great, it lasted around 40 minutes. We went shopping after that. We hit the Burlington Coat Factory 80% off sale and we got many maternity tops (yes!) and a few other things. We went to Macy's and got fabulous shoes also on sale and then my husband took me to a Brazilian steak house in town. That was a nice treat! Funny how we went to one last year when we were in Brasil. A few days later I got 4 books in the mail, Zeke ordered them so I'd keep celebrating my birthday beyond the 3rd. How sweet. The next big date is our anniversary. I already got his gift :) This is a photo of the two of us in the steak house or churrascaria. He had flowers sent there for me, how romantic is that???

2. Child Birth class - We went to our first one last week. I loved it! I love taking any classes that improve my health and knowledge about myself. I'm the mom witht the farthest due date, most women are on their last trimester already. Zeke liked the classes too, I can say they help us bond and make the upcoming birth more real and exciting! I'm sure I'll write more about the classes.

3. Pregnancy Update - I'm 23 weeks, almost 6 months. I remember when I was 6 weeks. According to this informative photo, my baby boy is about this big:
Going back to my son and I, we're doing great. My husband loves to feel him move. I still smile when he moves. The more the weeks go by, the more I feel him move. With all the talk about weight, I decided I love the way I look and feel as a pregnant woman. The only thing I need to be sure to keep doing is to stay in the gym. So far, I've been going between 2-4 times a week. I want to stay on the 4 times a week habit. Oh, of course the gym was jumping the first week of January. Oh those resolutions... I hope everyone loses weight like they want.
So, two friends and I are planning my baby shower. I'm super excited about it. I wanted it to have a touch of who I am and where I come from, I think we'll be able to pull it off. It's months away but if you know anything about me, I need to get at least the basics down. More updates next time. Remember not to give up on your dreams. The year has just started and you have a brand new chance to change!