More Energy for Me

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I had an interesting day yesterday. Zeke and I went to the gym (ain't that great?) and we stayed there around 40 minutes. We both did a mix of cardio and weight training. I'm usually REALLY tired after work so going to the gym after 5 is ALWAYS a sacrifice but it's worth it. This morning I decided to work out before work and WHAT A DIFFERENCE in energy level! I felt like I could have stayed there for 2 hours if I wanted to. I pray that I can be organized enough to hit the gym most mornings instead of most afternoons. The good thing about going in the p.m. is that Zeke goes with me. Thank the Lord I'm still feeling fabulous. Oh, another difference between now and when I started my health journey: I used to eat little before working out. Once I started running (and nearly passing out during body blaster classes) I decided I needed to have calories in to burn them effectively. This morning I ate oatmeal, 8 oz hot choclate and two slices of wheat bread with 'requeijao' ou 'catupiri' (Brazilian cheese, heavenly I must admit). I felt really equiped to work out for a whole hour! It made me feel like the old me, just awesome!
The mistake that some people I know make is to try to keep weight loss results without exercise. Exercise (according to what Dr. Oz said this morning) is essential to longevity. Nutrition and exercise need to go together in order for our bodies to work well.
I thought about goals for the week and the least I want to do is to exercise 3 times. Anything above that would be great. My husband has convinced me not to exercise at home, he says that going to the gym is great not only because of the equipment but also because it gets you in touch with other people. I totally agree.
Last night I went to Target with two good friends. It was a lot of fun. Zeke had to work on some music scores, so I had something super fun to do. I bought some candles (we badly needed them), looked at some items I'll definately register for the baby and other things that were just plain cute. That trip last night made me realize I am willing to explore home decor a little more once I'm a little less busy with work. I used to get Martha Stewart's magazine and always admired the home decor, just never had time to explore any ideas, etc. We've always believed in decorating our home slowly but currently the nursery is the priority. Go baby. We're attending a wedding today (wedding #3 in one month, we're doing good!). I really don't know when the next one will be but trust me, I'll be willing to attend it. There will be tons of babies being born in the Spring in my church. There are several pregnant women there so the summer will be a lively one. I'm looking forward to taking my baby boy on outings, trips, picnics and anything else we have a chance to do. I'm also looking forward to walking outside and getting back to running.
Did this week go by fast or what? Have a great weekend everyone!