29 weeks

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! My son is 29 weeks today! The midwife had Zeke feel his head today, that was exciting. I was wondering where he was, she found him and asked if Zeke wanted to feel him too :) I'm not gonna be doing that at home, trust me ;)
What's up with the nails? I got a manicure and pedicure yesterday, my day off. My nails were very dark since the last time I posted a hand photo :) I still owe myself and everyone a 7 month photo. My photographer (Zeke) will take care of it soon. I'm enjoying long, natural nails while I can. I'm cutting them down when the baby is born just to make everything easier. I haven't made decisions on hair. I'm not gonna cut it, the option is to get braids but we'll see. I could go on and on about black hair but we're gonna keep this simple ;)
Next week I'll be 30 weeks pregnant. That means I may have the baby and week thirty-something. It's exciting to know this is getting closer to the finish line and I get to meet this beautiful son of mine. We'll do the 3D ultrassound three weeks from now and that's exciting as well.

Thank God all the labs are great, I feel great and I am healthy. We're working on meeting and greeting a pediatrician as well as getting a dental cleaning. Why? I just need my 6-month dental cleaning before we get super busy. I can still do my own pedicure, I might purchase one towards the end :)

Pregnancy during the winter means HIDRATE that skin! I'm going through the largest size of Palmer's Shea Butter every two weeks! My latest purchase was Palmer's Cocoa Butter Tummy Butter which does the work for me. That thing will make you shinny but boy does it work! If you know anything about me, you probably know that for years I had no clue why my African and African American friends sang the praises of cocoa butter. Now I so do! This just works! Our skin needs extra moisture and Palmer's products do it every time. I am aware that getting greesed up doesn't solve everything. Sister girl drinks 64 ounces (or 8 cups) of water most days of the week. On weekends I try not to drink less than 4 cups. I guess that helps a lot of things. Thank God for helping me establishing this habit (it took a while to get used to it) way before pregnancy.
I'm working this weekend. I rested yesterday and I feel great and ready, thank God. Hope everyone has a good one. Be sure to pray for me, I want an awesome birth experience and a healthy son. Bye for now!