Twitter now, holograms later

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Twitter or not to Twitter? Should I join Facebook and MySpace? I vote no for now. I've been trying to keep a small amount of online accounts of all kinds just because it's so much work to remember all passwords, etc! To log in here and update my stuff takes the same amount of work than to go to twitter or Faceworld as I call it. 
If Facebook was just like your gym membership, you'd give up on it eventually. I wonder how long this 'fever' will last, probably til the next great thing comes up. I guess it should be holograms of us doing whatever it is we do and write about. How weird would that be? 
Another thing that I question is that everyone writes about different things but most won't be a LIVE & ACTIVE part of my life. How many words do I need? I can get a better fix than that from an awesome book writer. 
I think a lot when I'm off work as you can see LOL