Anti-Social Network???

Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's Satur-day, somewhat a lazy day for mamae & bebe. I need to resurrect my blog: I worked on it last summer. Now that I think about it, I might post different photos I took in the past 3 years there. Let's see what I can come up with. 

Everyone (almost) is on Facebook, MySpace, you name it. I'm not. I used to be on BlackPlanet when I was in undergrad. I hope I don't have an account there no more LOL. When Facebook (or FaceWORLD as I call it) came around, I was working on my Masters and that's what I put my efforts on. I was focused on getting a degree, but that was also around the time I opened my account with blogger. I never got serious into blogging til I started working on my first official job after school - I'm still holding that job, thank God. I was connected to Orkut for several months but I left it for lack of time to keep up with the network. I connected with childhood friends and when I deleted my account I thought 'my real friends will know how to find me.' True enough, they call, e-mail, etc. They'd show up if they weren't in Brazil LOL. Just so you won't think I'm totally anti-social networks, I'm part of a family social network site much like FaceWorld. I could blog for days about why I'm not there now but the best thing to say is, I LOVE MY BLOG. I love the possibilities it gives me. I love that I can meet people I'd never meet otherwise. I love the format (online diary) and I love that even when I'm busy I don't feel guilty about taking time off and coming back refreshed. 

This was an interesting post. Ok, let me go back to my Saturday, I'm still tired so hopefully I can taker a nice little nap. Holla.