I won!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

There's a health incentive going on at work where all of us are encouraged to walk more. We get free pedometers and you can participate on personal challenges other colleges set up. Well, I won the one personal challenge I was invited to! We were in it since January 19th. Whoever walked 100,000 steps first won. I was excited, it did wonders for my self-esteem and it helped me stay encouraged to keep exercising during the week. I told my husband that in the beginning of the pregnancy I competed in the 5K and now I have this challenge. With a little over 2 months to go, I need to stay encouraged to keep moving! Yeah, I doubt I'll take on another serious phisical challenge but my goal is to keep moving. My son is getting bigger and mama is getting slower. I'm looking forward to having a healthy baby and being a healthy mother once they tell me it's okay to resume exercising.
I've been eating spelt bread this week. I really like it. I wonder if it's because it came from a bakery and I believe it wasn't baked 6 months ago. It tastes great. Apparently it has more nutrients than its cousin, wheat, it has B2... It's just good for you and it got a buzz (not as big as flax) among healthy foods.
I'm considering journaling my food for a week or so. I haven't journaled as long as I've been pregnant. I believe it will help me be sure to be in the right track when it comes to the nutrients me and the baby need. I hear that some pregnant women get really hungry at the end of their pregnancy. I'm not usually hungry during the day because of the snacks but if I stay up really late it gets me. I used to tell myself, 'get over it, you will get breakfast first thing in the morning.' Now I just try to go to sleep at a decent time. When I wake up in the middle of the night, I've been training myself to go right back to sleep. Lately, with all that walking, I haven't even been waking up that much. That's just glorious.
I found a great website: http://www.losingweightafterbaby.com/ Check it out. I heard the owner of the website on a podcast yesterday. She shared some statistic that was impressive. Apparently, if women don't lose their baby weight 6 months after having their baby they are more likely to keep it. Ain't that horrible? My health educator believes that it takes 9 months to put on and 9 to take it off. Now, that's more flexible. I saw Tori Spelling (I like her show tough we no longe watch it. We downsized on cable.) on TV yesterday and she's lost her baby weight plus. Her baby girl is 6 months old. If you've read my blog before you know what I believe about celebrities and weight: they are paid to be thin. They have cooks, personal trainers, babysitters, etc. Let's see what happens to me in real life. I know I'll lose the weight because I decided to say no to diets, I want to continue to live a healthy life and I want to run!
Tonight is our last child birth class. It went by way too fast but Zeke and I are prepared for... LOL! Well, we're definately more educated now. I'm looking forward to V-day on Saturday. I'll probably take photos of whatever we end up doing :)