V-day Weekend Fun

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy week everyone! Zeke and I had an awesome V-day weekend/babymoon. We decided to start our celebration Friday night, so we headed to Charlotte and that was awesome! We hung out in Charlotte til Saturday afternoon and did a little shopping on the way home. I never had a bath robe, so Zeke got me a cute one and some slippers. He also gave me a gift I've been waiting for years to receive: a bottle of Dolce & Gabbana (the original). That was such a treat! I've been refusing to buy any other scent for years :) I'm a happy woman! Here are some photos of things :) from this weekend.
My choice of breakfast at the Hilton:
Some of my gifts :)

Baby is doing great. I'm starting to feel him move while I stand up. That's been really different. If he's born before my due date, I have less than 12 weeks. I'm not afraid, I'm focusing on faith that God has a great plan for me and for this baby. I just entered my Third Tri Friday, I have 81 days (or less) to go. Oh, we finished our child birth class with the hospital tour. It was nice to see the rooms where we'll be and learn how things work there. I just talked to a friend who had an awesome all-natural birth. She did it in 4 hours. The way God created our bodies is fantastic.

I never did tell you what I gave Zeke for V-day. I bought him a book, a card and he got some shirts and a bath robe last weekend as well. Altough we were gone for a short period of time, if felt like I took a week's vacation!

Have a great week everyone!