16 days to go

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I had another hospital visit yesterday and again, they let me go. This time I felt better cause number one, it was just a check up and also I had my hospital bag ready to go! I wonder how many times we’ll need to go there for check ups before the real deal. The other good thing about going to the hospital several times before you have to be there foreal is that you get to know the staff, you get to know the rooms and the experience won’t be 100% unfamiliar. This time I didn’t watch TV, I caught up on reading. Oh, I got a french pedicure before going to the doctor, so you know I was ready foreal!!!
I did finish reading ‘Sex begins in the kitchen.’ Now I’ve been browsing over several parenting books. I’m enjoying ‘Bouncing back from Pregnancy,’ ‘Your Baby and Child’ and others.
Every time I think of something I want Zeke to do while I’m in the hospital I tell him - for example, I’m not looking forward to nursing in front of a world of visitors.
I got a stroller on my way to work today. A friend hooked us up because her 1 year-old is out growing all the baby stuff. My neighbor bought some wrong size pampers and we got some more newborn size things. Glory be to God.
I still don’t know how big my own baby is, the nurse told me it didn’t feel like he was that huge – which makes me very happy. Of course he is growing daily. He’s a laid back baby, that’s why I don’t suffer with all the moving, kicking, etc.
I went to the grocery store and enjoyed a new flavor of greek yogurt. I bought the plain kind a few months ago and hated it! Now, put some flavor on it and that’s a different story! I ate the fruit in the bottom kind, I really, really liked it. Another yogurt I buy sometimes is Rachel’s. It’s exotic, it’s good.
Zeke and I are starting to think about cooking some things and freeze it so we can have quicker meals while the baby is here. We’ve been having quick meals for months, but they can always get quicker. That might be a project for the weekend, we’ll see.
With 16 days to go, I’m feeling blessed and rested. The swelling of my feet are gone away (the nursed checked it) and my challenge is to get to walking this week. I went to work with tennis shoes to make sure I get my 30 minutes. People are telling me all kinds of things from go to the hospital now and have this baby to girl, he might be late. I am focusing on seeking and pursuing PEACE, no matter what people say.
Oh, we officially are prohibited from traveling. Thank God it came after we made our last long distance trip for a while. I’m looking forward to going to the doctor and finding out how far along we are. If things still haven’t changed, the plan is to continue to rest and relax til my son is born. Keep us in your prayers!