More Pregnancy Updates

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm 1 cm dilated! It means a lot for someone who was solid two weeks ago. I also know some women walk around 4 cm dilated for weeks. It will be interesting to see how soon I'll get in active labor. I feel good so far. I'm sure that's a different feeling than when you are on the transition phase. I keep talking about the doctor's conclusions compared to what people are saying right? So today, as I officially began dilating, people were still talking about how high I'm carrying my son - meaning he won't be here any time soon I guess. It's just funny. More scary than that: I read about how to check your own cervix on a pregnancy message board. Is this scary or what? The first question I have is why would you ever want to do that and the second one is if you are as big as I am, how? Ok, let's not go there...
My due date was moved up to... next Friday!!! I'm excited, especially cause he might come earlier than that. I'm ready when God says it's time!!! Keep us in your prayers yall.