Thank you cards and chocolate eggs

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I've been writing thank you cards today for the gifts we received during the shower, whether it was the gift of the presence or present. Friends are to be appreciated in season and out of season :)
I took some time off to work a little this weekend and it was awesome. My husband and I are getting closer and closer to being finished with the nursery. Each day that goes by we get more organized and that's awesome. Our dream is coming true, we'll be all ready for the arrival of our bundle of joy. I washed his clothes today. That will be the first time of many - until I teach him the fine art of washing and drying your own stuff :) We're working on raising a
Christian man who knows how to take good care of himself and others. We had a doctor's visit today. I'm good, the baby is good and well protected where he is. Just because I had my shower and the baby is growing rapidly, folks keep telling me that I dropped, etc but I got a doctor's approval that I have not dropped at all. In fact, she said the baby needs to grow more. Amen to that! That's what I've been feeling and saying. He's not ready yet, he still needs to grow more and his parents got a few things to finish on this side of the earth. I had a nice outing today with a friend. She has 18 month-old girls, they are adorable! Being around people with kids - who actually love being parents and are positive - give me a little window to a world we'll experience when my son is born. I'm looking forward to it. Easter is Sunday. Last year we had a big dinner with friends, this year we're going low key. I will still cook for Zeke and I but nothing extravagant. In Brazil we all got chocolate eggs (the big kind) for Easter. I haven't been part of that tradition since 1998. Those things were good. My chocolate eggs never lasted many days after Easter :) It would be totally different as an adult, I'm sure. Continue to pray for me. Remember there's a reason for Easter: Jesus is alive and well!