We're Ready

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It took me a while but we got the diaper bags we wanted. One for dad (this one actually stays in the car and I thought it was very manly) and this one for mom:
Mom's bag is my personal adaptation of a diaper bag. I got this for the same price of something from a baby store but much more sophisticated in my opinion :) NOW we're ready for the baby (lol). 
We went for a walk this evening and we saw a lady we met in the lamaze class and her precious baby boy. It's been interesting to see those folks, they always share their experience and they're always encouraging. 
Our walk was great, an awesome close to the perfect weekend. Zeke helped me rest, took me out on a date, cooked me bbq... we had a great time together. 
On the pregnancy front, I'm having several signs of labor but obviously I'm not in active labor - otherwise I wouldn't be calmly blogging. I'm eager to hold my baby. 
Good night and good week to everyone!