Diaper Geni Madness

Monday, May 11, 2009

Do we need to explain more? Welcome to parenthood! I was thrilled to be a mom on mother's day. My husband took great care of me as he always does. I don't think the baby knew it was mother's day LOL. I'm recovering from the surgery well. The different sleeping schedule also has a toll when you're trying to recover but it's all good. I'm not focusing on weight loss just now, my body has pounds to shed naturally before I put my own efforts in it. I have changed a few things (I drank English tea yesterday for the first time in 9 months!) but I'm gonna wait til the end of this recovery process to get into something more structured. Hope everyone has a great week. So long for now from this night/early morning blogger :)
Anonymous said...

I think I counted 37 diapers of elijahs with our geni once. Sorta glad those days are behind us.