It shall come to Pass

Sunday, May 31, 2009

They said things would get easier and I agree. My boy is one month and the world is a whole new thing for him, considering that so far he’s spent more time in the womb that out here in this fun world. Friends have been kind to us. A friend came over to keep an eye on him while I got my hair done (rollers and all). Another friend came over during a time I was super tired just to hang out with us. That gave us a chance to catch up and I could use the restroom and make popcorn. The little things I took from granted are greatly appreciated now. I have called on neighbors to help and so far I haven’t been shy about saying yes when someone says they want to help. I come to admire people who do it on their own. It does take a village! 
Being a mom is a new thing still. It seems like I have a bond with other women. There are things I truly did not understand until now. Things that need to be experienced and can’t really be explained. 
Things do get easier although waking up a couple of times per night is still a task but this too shall pass. 
Going out is a whole new thing. We pack a little bit more and of course the baby comes first. . The baby doesn’t really like the car seat but he usually falls asleep once he’s in it. He looks like a little bean, he is so small but growing really well. 
I have a niece that was born two days after my boy. She’s gorgeous! She was named after me and another one of her aunts. I’m thrilled, I never thought anyone else wanted my name (LOL). I still haven’t seen her but I will by the end of the summer for sure. 
I was doing some late night blogging but decided to do some late night sleeping. We don’t really have a pattern established so we do things when we can around here. There are tons of topics to blog about. The issue is that things are still developing and I’m still putting my thoughts and experiences together. My husband is right in a few years I will be able to write a book about my experience because it has been oh so interesting. Sister girl is still learning, still experiencing and still learning.
Another week, another chance to live life to the fullest, even as a mom of a 1 month old. I am up to the challenge!