A little bit of this & that

Monday, June 1, 2009

I’m excited about eating a better diet. Local produce rocks. I went to a produce stand and found double-yoked eggs. Who knew people, I mean, chickens were saving room even in eggs??? I’m supposed to have a smoothie tomorrow with blueberries, pear, flax and either rice milk or almond milk. I ran out of bananas, so I’m using every other fruit I have here. It’s after 10 p.m. and I hear some kids screaming in the street. What happened to bed time??? Maybe their summer schedule is a little different than mine. Today was such a gorgeous day! Usually I count the days til summer starts but because I had my baby a month ago, the beginning of the season went by unnoticed. It was gorgeous outside today. I went back to work for an afternoon to teach a workshop to new summer workers in my company. I do various things and speaking to large audiences is included. Here’s a photo of me 37 weeks preggo and working during a spring event:

People kept thinking I was gonna give birth :) I did but 12 days later. I love my jobs! Today I didn’t feel self conscious because of my current weight. I made sure I dressed for success (well, dressed for comfort) and never thought about weight while I was teaching those college students. The Lord has done a great work in me! I showed photos of my baby with pride, I wasn’t concerned about the way I looked. The Lord did a work in my heart and I’m doing what I can with the rest. It’s helpful when you also do your part by eating well and exercising.
One of my brothers found out he and his wife are having girl! My son is the only grandson so far in both sides of the family. There are many other children to be born, I’m sure it will be different.
We’re not at a point to have organized schedules for anything – food diary included. What I am trying to do is to be aware of everything we have in the kitchen so we can prepare it and eat it instead of waste it. I am still working on making menus for the house and the challenge this week is to include what I am having for snacks, lunch, breakfast, etc. It’s nice to use the food we do have, especially when you have a lot of produce.
Talking about produce, my husband and I are supposed to plant a garden and I want to do that this week. I want to do many things lately but if they actually get done or not, that’s another story. I even thought about ‘renting’ my garden to a serious gardener, just to be sure the land gets used foreal but that was just one of my ideas.
In order to close this post about a little bit of everything, a photo of the joys of parenthood. I was trying to take a happy photo of myself but my son had it with photos for that day. The light coming from the window in the background made this self-portrait even more interesting. Enjoy your week and pray for us!