Chocolate, kisses and coffee

Friday, June 5, 2009

This week kinda went by fast. My baby will be 6 weeks next week! Time does go by fast and we are enjoying him day after day. God has blessed us and we are so thankful! Here is the latest for me. 

Free Stuff: I have been getting freebies online for a few weeks now. I got a few free diapers, glad trash bag, jiffy recipe book and a magazine subscription. Under this magazine’s ‘Stuff you should know’ section it says that eating chocolate beats smooching your honey. It’s a British study which monitored couple’s heart rates and brains when kissing and eating chocolate. I thought that was very lame because NOTHING beats kissing my husband. That was a silly study. 

Coffee Italy Style: I’m thrilled that my Italian coffee maker is working! I bought it a few years ago, used it once and it didn’t work for me but I’ve been drinking a cup of coffee a day in it. Zeke doesn’t like coffee and I am not trying to overdo, so one cup is plenty. We rarely use the coffee maker in our house. 

Baby at 5 weeks: LP's neck muscles are much stronger. He lays on his pack & play and looks around for a few minutes. He looks around our house more often as well. He's starting to look like he recognize us by the way he looks at us and we should have a real smile soon. He's learning how to make different noises, he's cooing way more now. He falls asleep on my sling several times a day, which allows me to do other things while he snoozes away. He loves being next to me and vice-versa.

So sad: My mom and baby class was over this week. We had car issues, schedule issues so LP and I missed the last session. I’m gonna really miss that class. We are still well connected but I might look for another mom & baby group we can belong to. It’s fun doing something together out of the house. I’m not up to starting anything new because there are great things going on already. 

That’s it for now. Next week I’ll let everyone know how the church picnic went. Lots of love from LP’s Mamae.