Great Week

Friday, June 12, 2009

This week was a great week to walk! We've been having thundershowers often but not all day. I miss Brasil today. Probably cause it's warm, the sky was blue and I thought about how nice it was to visit two years ago during their summer. I took a new route with the stroller. Lots of hills and a great feeling of accomplishment when I finished - all with a sleeping baby in the stroller! A cool article here about your new mom-body
Here are the main points:
FOCUS ON STRONG POINTS Would you let your husband or your kids tell you repeatedly that you are fat and ugly? So, don’t do it to yourself. You deserve to treat yourself as well as you expect others to treat you. 
BE WHAT YOUR LOVED ONES SEE Your baby thinks that you are the most beautiful creature to have ever walked the planet. (Your dog and cat does, too.) Allow yourself to see what they see!
LOOK GENTLY IN MIRRORS Before looking at your reflection, identify something in your mind that you know you like about yourself. Focus on that when you glance in the mirror.
KEEP SCALES IN CHECK If you are prone to getting obsessive or having an emotional response to the numbers, throw your scale out the window! It can’t measure your worth, your health or your happiness. You don’t want your children to mimic your behavior and start weighing themselves as soon as they are able?
REFRAME SELF-DEFEATING THOUGHTS You think diet, you think DEPRIVATION, You think exercise, you think BORING or TORTURE. If you are following a punishing routine, you’re likely to fail since you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. If you respect and appreciate your body, you will want to treat it well. 
WATCH WHAT YOU SAY Every negative remark you make about your body ingrains body-bashing beliefs even deeper. Start listening to your conversations and stop all the negative talk!
CHANGE YOUR TAPES Every behavior stems from the desire to feel good or avoid feeling bad. If you associate eating healthy and exercising with pain and eating cookies and sitting on the couch as a pleasurable activity, then you will choose to snack and sit. But, if you redefine your thoughts so you think of being active as invigorating and eating well as energizing then you are likely to choose to engage in healthy lifestyle habits.