Weekend Things

Saturday, June 13, 2009

WebMD has a list of foods that can keep the weight away. I've seen tons of those lists but what surprises me is that most of them are part of my regular diet. They are: 
Green tea, yogurt, water, beans, grapefuit and high-fiber/whole grain cereal among others. What's so special about these? According to the article:  "These are foods that really can help you lose or maintain weight, either by helping you to eat less or to burn more calories -- or, in some cases, maybe even helping to decrease your body fat." 
More on the 'Keep-it-off super foods' here

Yesterday I found the formula we use on sale. The product usually costs around $22 and I found it for $7! There was a liquid version for $3 and another big can for $1!!!! I'm still glad and thankful, especially because there's nothing wrong with it, just an honest sale on the product. I stocked it up! Thank you Jesus!!!!

We have family coming over today. I'm excited about meeting my niece Cintia (name after me and another aunt!) who was born 2 days after my son. I'll post an interesting photo here later. 

*** Soundtrack of the weekend: 
Ella & Satchmo!