Monday, July 6, 2009

I have great expectations for this upcoming week. I took the first step by embracing the changes God has allowed to come to my life. Change is the word and acceptance or adaptation to these wonderful changes are the next step. I told yall I tried to do the whole menu, food pyramid thing and I found out I just don’t have time to dedicate to that at the moment. I don’t know if I even need to pursue that again. I decided to pray, be at peace and go back to what God told me in the beginning of my journey. Food pyramid was an education tool. I’m not supposed to be in school forever. I graduated and now it’s time to apply what I’ve learned. Writing down everything I eat and counting stuff for the rest of my life is bondage. It may work for other people but it doesn’t work for my current lifestyle. I had to even revise my current exercise goals. 26 miles was doable in the past when it was just me and Zeke but now with the baby it takes crazy dedication to walk 22. It does help with stress, health and weight loss but it becomes I kick on my behind when exercise becomes an idol, something I have to worship and brings condemnation when I don’t serve it properly. I trust God can do it again, He can and will help me gain my health back but it will be through a path of peace and what worked in the past is not going to become my religion. I’m still on discovery mode but I know what God requires of me. I need to make sure He stays on the throne and I don’t put Weight Watchers there or some other weight management plan.
The holiday weekend was sweet at our home. My husband was gone on a business trip for a couple of days this week so it was so good to have him back this weekend! It was the first time I was totally by myself with the baby and thank God we managed to do well together. I also realized and appreciated the role of my husband in our family. He’s a great husband, father and friend. We went to a friend’s home for lunch on Saturday. We have spent several holidays with them and we just love being together. Their neighbors’ dog had 11 puppies and they were giving them away. My judgment on things is not quite back to normal so I stayed away from the puppies cause I would be tempted to bring one home and then dislike my decision. A baby is enough for now. We took some cute pictures with LP. I still haven’t had the time or money to go to a photo studio. They send us flyers all the time and I really want to go one day but for now we’re doing well with our own little camera at home. My baby is starting to smile more, I hope he’ll enjoy the camera as the months and years go by. So far I wait until he’s in a good mood. He can’t deal with too many changes of clothes, so we have to work with one outfit at the time while he’s awake. I enjoy taking photos of him and Zeke but sometimes I make sure I get my share of poses with my son. I don’t want to look back and see that we don’t have enough photos together because of my current weight. Whether I believe it or not, all this weight and more will be removed permanently. I started volunteering in the church nursery yesterday. My shift was easy cause my baby was the only one there. They have an awesome, smooth operation going on in all the nurseries (we have 3 different ones). I find this ministry to be of great services for me. I am happy to volunteer and give whatever I can because it just blesses me and my husband so much.
I want to have a care free week – my last before returning to work. I want to have a week of peace. The only way that will happen is if my mind is stayed on God.