Stuck in the Middle

Monday, July 20, 2009

I have been thinking a lot about weight loss after baby. I have decided that I'm between pregnancies, so the best thing to do is to boost nutrition, therefore get healthy and not sickly skinny like you see out there. I have decided a long time ago that I wasn't in this journey for the sake of looks but for the sake of health and wholeness.
This is a great decision because as I come to the end of a weight loss challenge I noticed my weight pretty much fluctuated and to be honest there's nothing I can do about the past but I can establish healthy habits for the future. It took me the whole time of the challenge to get out of a place of guilt to a place of acceptance and health. I decided not to worry about counting calories too much and being frantic over a menu. The best thing is to go back to what God has said and find peace in that. The One who created my body certainly has the plan for its total and complete health.
It took 2 and a half months but besides the lack of sleep I feel back to normal foreal. After a c-section it takes time to heal and I had to push myself because it was pretty much my husband and I in the house with the help of brothers and sisters in Christ. There was no 24-hour/on demand help from family or friends so we learned quickly what it means to be a family of 3.
My baby is learning how to sleep for larger amounts of time. I am fighting not to compare myself to other moms whose kids come back from the hospital sleeping the whole nigh through. God has a plan for LP and I've been praying for revelation on how to raise him the way he is supposed to be raised. 7 hours of sleep is gold right now and the kid needs to eat, so no sense in forcing something that is coming naturally. We might come up with a plan after a while but for now we're praying, watching and waiting to see how this first experience will go. There are different types of mothering and mine is perfect for LP - God thought so, that's why he gave me His child. that's my power post for today (10 minutes!). Have an awesome week everyone!