Growing Up

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kids have a way of growing and when you realize weeks, months have gone by. The Little Prince is 14 weeks already. I was amazed when he turned 4 weeks! Those newborn moments do come and go speedily as I was told by many. The good thing is that we enjoyed it and we'll have more when more children are added to our family.
He's learning how to self-sooth. He fell asleep in front of me so quickly, all he needed was to grab his curly hair and his thumb. I thought that was cool. I kept wondering when humans learn how to self sooth, well, it took this little human 14 weeks.
He's sleeping much better. No need to have added cereal to the bottle. He still isn't ready for it, formula has been it. I am enjoying more rest and a more structured day.
He plays more by himself and babbles along with his little toys. Now, that's a lot of fun to watch. Everything he does is awesome to us, what a wonder it is to have a son to love and to take care of!
He's not the only one learning. We are learning right along with him. I told my husband that these 14 weeks have given me more education than I got in undergrad and grad school together. We still have a lot to learn, that's the beauty of life.
One of the many joys I have is to see his huge smile when I get him out of his crib in the morning. I know papai and mamae are his favorite people in the whole wide world and he lets us know that. That's a way I should be more like him. Love without reservations, pure, genuine love.
He loves when we sing, so we sing often, every day. We sing songs that mean a lot to us or we sing songs about things we want to teach him. That has been a lot of fun.
I thank God for my little prince. Life is just so sweet! Thank you Jesus.