In my Son's Eyes

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In my son’s Eyes

by Simply Cintia

I my son’s eyes there’s always joy
The world is alright when his eyes meet mine
I know I’m his favorite person in the whole world
He feels security, love and protection

In my son’s eyes there’s tears
But they soon disappeared when I’m around
He knows I will wipe them away
Take care of whatever need may be

In my son’s eyes I am beautiful
No matter if I’m on top of my game
He loves me for who I am
For he knows me from the inside out

In my son’s eyes there’s excitement
For my songs bring happiness
Declarations of eternal love, assurance
He relies on the voice he came to know and love

In my son’s eyes there’s hope
I will forever remember what I see in my son’s eyes
Even when he’s far away, all I have to do is
Think of who I am through my son’s point of view.

*I know there’s a country song beautifully sang by Martina McBride called 'In my daughter’s eyes' but I decided to write ‘in my son’s eyes’ because some of us give birth to mighty man (smile). Oh, I heard Martina's song AFTER I wrote this :)