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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I’ve been waiting with excitement to announce that today I’m a guest blogger at an awesome blog called We are the Real Deal. You can read it here. I highly encourage you to keep going back to WATRD as well as checking out their outstanding regular bloggers. Thank you so much MamaV and WATRD for the honor!

My baby is 5 months today! I also decided to make today a day of new beginnings so as you can see I started keeping up with portions and I have been out there in the cool weather exercising. I have officially adapted to my ‘new reality.’ It’s not wise to keep hoping that things will be just as they were in the past before baby. I have new reality and I need to adapt to it. In my new reality I must get out and exercise in the morning cause it’s hard to get out any other time. In my new reality I need to do meal planning once a week and keep my portions in front of me so I’m reminded of what I committed to do in order to enjoy better health. A photo of my reminders about portions and all things nutrition:
I’m gonna keep it short cause I really want you to go to WATRD and read not only my post but explore the site. Also, in the previous post I have a few photos I took at our church’s nursery Sunday. Cute kids – especially mine. Bee Blessed!