Travel Tales

Thursday, September 24, 2009

We spent a little time in Athens, Georgia this week. We were there for a little while but wanted to be sure we experienced the taste of Athens. We checked out Ike & Jane and we loved it. Here’s a little photo assignment from us (click to enlarge):

The Little Prince did awesome during the trip. He’s such a great sleeper and when he’s awake he needs as many breaks as we do.

Once we came back from our trip, I decided it was time to get on with my focus on nutrition. Now that baby is more on a schedule, I am able to do more things such as write down what I’ve been eating. It might take me a good week to get things down pack but we’re getting there. I decided to cut down on caffeine as well. So far, so good. My challenge is not to get complacent about getting fresh fruits and veggies, otherwise dinner turns into a protein and starch feast. I exercised twice this week. I thought about signing up for another 5K but I have a date conflict so I’ll need to continue to exercise anyway. I’m trying not to be bogged down by the extra weight pregnancy and eating more than my share during the pregnancy brought me. As long as I’m exercising and eating well I feel great. My challenge is just to make this a habit. Running with all this extra weight is much harder, tough possible. Losing weight helps to get the extra weight off my knees. It’s not all about looks, for some of us weight loss helps the practice of sports.

Last week I shot my first bridal portrait. I’ve been busy so I haven’t had a chance to post those photos yet but I will, so keep checking my photoblog. It’s really late (or early if you’re in Japan) so I’m gonna call in the night. Thanks again for reading and be on the lookout for exciting news from me. May God continue to bless you with wisdom and courage!

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