Vacation Notes

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Being on vacation has been awesome. So far we've been able to get out and have lots of fun. We're visiting family, so we have free care for the baby. The funny thing is that I'm such a mama bird that I don't go that far from baby. It's a mom thing and it's alright, isn't it?
The Little Prince is so easygoing that he's been getting along with our extended family really well. Everyone loves a new baby, specially a cute one like the Little Prince.
Believe it or not, I've been able to fit workouts on the trip. This week the goal is to run 3 times. So far I ran 2 out of 3. We're in Mississippi and it's hotter and much more humid than North Carolina. What I thought about doing was to sign up for a gym and run in the treadmill. I've been running in the asphalt for the whole training, so this will be the first and probably the last week I do this before the race. Having flexibility while on vacation is good but I seriously need to be getting my miles in. For the first time since October 2008 I've been able to run for 3 miles. It's a great sense of joy just to be able to know I can do it. Repeating this endeavor in the asphalt will be a whole different thing but what I am focusing on is 'endurance.' I thank God for being able to run 3.1 miles. Sometimes it's just good to know you can do it. My friend who's running the 5K with me has been training hard in the asphalt and has been able to run up to 5.2 miles. She's awesome and I'm so very proud of her. She's now working on her timing. Signing up for that with a friend was awesome. We haven't trained together - I'd eat the dust from her tracks - but it's nice to talk to someone about training and it will be awesome to know someone there.
We went back to Oxford, MS where my husband and I met and fell in love almost 7 years ago. We usually go to our fav restaurant, see old professors, ride around and remember how things used to be. I also buy fabulous earrings in the square :) Today I walked around, thought about our past and realized I would not trade the life I have today for anything that ever happened in the past. God's been gracious, we've been happily married for 3 and a half years and now our family is growing and thriving even more with the birth of our first child. I love my life. I thank God for it.
Sometimes I'm guilty of sitting around and remembering how things were cool in 1996 when I could wear skinny jeans. I need to forget about the past and press forward. No one can successfully drive a car and arrive to their destination while looking in the rearview mirror. They are there so you can perceive if there are any threats trying to stop you to get to your destination. Use your past wisely but focus on your destination. Forget about how many situps you used to do and focus on what do you want to achieve in the future.
I wonder: have you been looking in the rearview mirror of your life while trying to drive forward?
Video Blog Update: I have been resting a little bit more this week. We try to fit so much in just a small window of vacation time that rest is not a priority. I did pamper myself after that first running workout, a pedicure was welcome and it looks awesome. I'll get some rest now, what about that?