Is Losing weight easy?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Losing weight is not easy at all. Even to get a pound out of my body has been challenging. I'm taking it easy instead of trying to be too hard on myself. This week the goal is to watch my portions (I alredy messed this one up today with stress eating) and exercise 5 times. Going to the gym was great. I enjoyed the cardio part and added weight lifting to the mix. The goal is to lift weights 3 times a week.
The greatest challenge of all is to reestablish great habits instead of the bad ones I am currently feeding (literally). Emotionally I feel good. I looked at myself in the mirror today while working out and noticed I am at least 40 pounds larger than my optimal weight but I didn't feel disgusted or anger. God has been too good to me. He has changed the way I look at myself and not working with self-hatred helps a lot while losing body weight.
I have a lot of planning to do so I'm gonna keep it short. Thanks for reading!