Bringing Good Cheer

Monday, December 14, 2009

Our home is finally ready for Christmas! The Christmas party went really well on Saturday as well. Zeke helped me a lot with the preparations so that when it came to the food it was pretty easy. Someone actually said it smelled like Christmas at our home. Bingo! 

Our tree looks stunning, if I must say myself. The two prior trees we had are gone. Tree number one, my MIL took it. Just took it. I loved that tree! Tree number two was sold in a yard sale. I didn't like that tree so much, too many colorful lights. I like this one better. 

I had an interesting conversation at our church's nursery. One mom was assuming that my baby was getting so many gifts and I told her I haven't bought anything and honestly I am not sure if we will. He won't remember it anyway. She said she bought her daughter (who was 3 months old last Christmas) a gift and took pictures, so she told me it's nice for the memories. On the other hand, my brother is just now buying his daughter a gift. This will be her 3rd Christmas on earth and she kind of gets it now. I think that's pretty smart and it worked for them. 
My family is still establishing traditions and the most important one I need to pass is that Jesus is the reason for the season. I hope that my son won't look back at 40 years old and say, 'yall couldn't even buy me something for Christmas when I was 7 months old? You just ruined everything!' At almost 30 I do not treasure gifts my parents gave me. I can hardly remember them to tell you the truth. I do remember family getting together and sharing great food, church plays and festivities and most recently, God just teaching me what Christmas is all about. 
Our first ultrassound went well. I'll put the first 'picture' here tomorrow. It's just one baby there and he or she is doing awesome. I found out I'm further along than we thought (yes!) so I won't be surprised with a July baby. This will totally space out our birthdays: January - April - July - November. It will be interesting to see how they will be ultimately spaced out. 
I decided to go ahead and follow the recommendation to take the H1N1 vaccine. The nurse did a great job, opposed to the one who gave me the seasonal. Back when I got it I bled for a little while and I had an ugly and painful bruise for at least a week. 
Let's end this on a happy note: I have sent out our Christmas postcards and I don't want another life from now on. I went to (they gave me a pretty good discount), uploaded my own design and delivered the product a little before the promised time. 
I'm 7 weeks pregnant now. Not counting on a 'due date' because after 37 weeks, anything is fair game.