Energy, Please Return

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This week I’m back making baby food. I bought a butternut squash, cooked it and the Little Prince really, really enjoyed it. He tried it a few weeks ago and didn’t complain about the food. The trick is to make sure he’s hungry. I recently saw a different pediatrician who told me that food allergy happens when the child breaks out in his whole little body. This was great to know because that means my baby hasn’t had food allergy. The body does have a way to reacting to foods when it ‘sees’ it for the first time but allergy is vicious.

I have more energy as I pace myself, nap with baby and sleep around 9 hours per night. I haven’t put a lot of exercise in the mix. The goal is to get back walking at least 3 times a week. This time I’ve been really, really nauseous. It was fierce at first, so I called the doctor’s office and did something I would never have done during my first pregnancy: I asked for meds. It took me 2 days to feel 'bad enough' to take the med but once I took it, I felt like a normal person. I was completely radical when it came to meds during my first pregnancy. I didn’t take them at all and I even resisted taking an epidural when pitocin was crancked up to the max. Ouch! This time I feel I have nothing to prove. I have felt labor pains and managed it the best I could before they totally numbed me with a spinal. Next time I will totally take the epidural when offered (unless we’re in the middle of nowhere, which is not likely to happen, God willing). I have been thinking about how totally different this pregnancy has been already but the goal is the same: to deliver a healthy baby. So, I move on the the end of my first trimester (please hurry up and get here!) with the theme song 'ain't too proud to beg (for meds)' in my mind. I haven't went meds crazy so don't worry about it. I don't take the prescription daily, just when I feel bad and have a whole day in front of us, full of chores for me and discoveries for my son (we're climbing! We're staying away from the Christmas tree for that reason).
I'm looking forward to having my energy back 100%. I know it will.