What's New?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I guess I should tell you how I found out we were expecting a couple of weeks ago. I told my husband was super tired. He had recently told me I needed to eat better and go back to the gym, so a week after making all of these changes (and losing a little weight if you are an avid reader of this blog) I was still ridiculously tired. Zeke convinced me to take a pregnancy test and I had a cheap one so I did. I guess I didn't want to wait 3 whole minutes so I glanced at it and threw it away on the trash. Later on that night I dug that test out and saw it read positive. I called my husband and told him he might want to take at look at the test when he gets home. We both new it was positive but the test was so cheap the lines were fading. I told him I'd buy one of those tests that actually give you words instead of crosses :) so I took the test and ran out of the bathroom. After a few minutes my husband said 'yep, you're pregnant!' It was such a sweet moment. Now you understand why we took two tests and of course, I took one more at the doctor's office :) I must be an overachiever when it comes to all kinds of tests :) That's probably why I ran out of the bathroom. LOL!

Expecting for the second time is a huge blessing. What's new this time? 
* I am raising a 7-month-old;
* I have to rest more in order to have energy for my family;
* I'm not working for someone else full-time;
* I'm not training for a 5k, just walking; 
* Time is going by much faster;
* I won't be a first time mom. 

I appreciate you reading the blog and hope that you continue to read my journey through this beautiful life God is giving me. I appreciate you and your prayers.