10 Snow Lessons

Saturday, January 30, 2010

1. Be sure to have enough diapers and wipes. During the last snow fall I contemplated using cloth diapers just because we almost ran out. 
2. Be sure to have enough food for the family. My husband did a great job stoking up for everyone, baby included. Thank God he's at an age where he can eat what we eat but he is still very dependent on a milk coming from a bottle. 
3. Stock up on movies. I went to the public library and got some things everyone will enjoy. Of course, baby just needs our attention and love, that's entertaining enough :)
4. Have enough fuel. Very important to have enough fuel so we can be warm in our home.
5. Have bottled water and other emergency items. I bought some emergency things a while ago. If pipes freeze, we can still function for a while.
6. Park close to the street. Last time we had to dig our car from the back of our yard, it was dreadful to say the least. This time we were really close to the street. 
7. Try new things. This is a great time to try new recipes or pick up on projects that have been sitting and waiting for you. 
8. Reconnect with family. Some in town didn't have electricity. We did but it was nice to reconnect with family and spend quality time together. 
9. Spend time with God. We should do that daily and often but why not catch up on the most important relationship while snowed in?
10. Keep the peace. The worse thing that can happen is to have unresolved issues while being stuck. Work things out. As far as it's up to you, keep the peace and enjoy your family!