14 weeks

Monday, February 1, 2010

Presenting: my pregnancy updates for LB (aka 'Little Baby' til we find out the gender and come up with a name). I won't do it weekly (who can stand so many updates?) but often enough for you to see LB grow as well as hear about 'The Pearls' & 'The Poop' of being pregnant a second time.

The Pearls
* I am officially finished with the first 'trialmester'!
* I am not exhausted and I don't get as much morning sickness (all day sickness in my case) as before. I'm using meds less and less.

The Poop
* One word: Constipation. I know, it seems like a joke but it's annoying. I keep thinking it was worse after my c-section. Still sucks tough.
* 24-hour urine exam. It's my third time ever doing it but the test is just not convenient. Sorry but 'The Poop' this time around was all bathroom related - no pun intended. That's the real world of pregnancy (LOL).