Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LP is still recovering. He's much better than he was a few days ago but he's not back 100%. I have learned hat the saying 'you can't give what you don't have' applies for raising children. If you don't have peace, you can't show it to your kid. If you are not encouraged, you can't give them true encouragement. The question is, how to do you stay motivated to take care of a fussy infant?
* Remember it's just a season. My child's nature is not to be fussy. It gives me hope to remember that my goal is for him to feel better and get back to being a jolly, healthy infant. 
* Put your oxygen mask first. Remember how they tell you that in case of an emergency you should put on your mask before you help your child with theirs? Why? you don't want both of you to pass out. In my case, If I don't go to the gym, sleep well and ask for help when I need a break, it would be difficult to have something left to give to anyone else. I have to take care of mamãe first
* Keep a sense of normalcy. We are still cooking, listening to music, going to the grocery store, enjoying a hobby... it's nice not to live in fussy mode all the time. Life does go on.
* Talk to someone. It's nice to have someone that will look at you and ask how you are really doing. Emotional support is another key to success. 
* Pray. Talking to God and finding comfort in Him is essential to me. That's where my help and strength comes from.
* Laugh. We watch comedy (Tyler Perry plays are our favorites) on purpose around here. Laughter is the best med because it awakens a part of you that's been a little unused due to all the stress. 
Get a latte. I tried this one today. I must say, it felt awesome to treat myself. If lattes are not your thing, get a small treat like flowers for yourself. Getting a latte made feel like the world was still turning and everything was going to be okay. It was nice to have that sensation even if for just 3 whole minutes.