Meal Update and VBAC

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thanks for the feedback on the Balance post friends. I got some great tips. I will be establishing a rotating menu next week. To make things more exciting around here, every week we'll be having:
* the 'Tour of Italy'
* Latino Fiesta
* Vegetarian Night
The 'new' thing is that things are kind of back to normal. LP is acting like himself again. He's been sleeping full nights (glory!) and having lots of fun during the day. 
Time is flying by foreal. Next week I find out LB's gender. My husband want to do something similar to the Rodrigues' gender party. He wants to have a 'gender dinner' instead. I'm not sold on it, I'm too curious. What he proposes is to have the lady write it down so we can reveal it at dinner time. We usually take our cameras and film everything. I still want to do that. LP will see everything. Maybe I can get him to tell me LOL! 
After that fun visit, we're supposed to see the doctor who did my c-section. We see different persons in the practice because most people don't know who will be on call to deliver their baby. In my case, my doctor is supposed to do the c-section. 
I'm not sure if I have talked about this here. After I signed the contract I found out the hospital doesn't do VBACs. This fact seems to hurt other women way more than it bothers me. Most of them have had a c-section 30 years ago so there's no way to know about how differently they do things nowadays. I didn't want to go to a larger hospital just in case they look at me and say, 'sorry lady, you get a better looking room but we still have to give you a c-section.' The thought of being in labor for 30 miles other than 10 have always bothered me. I know everyone in the practice, as well as some of the nurses in the hospital. I have peace in my heart knowing that everything will be fine. I also know what to expect when it comes to recovering from a c-section. I have a friend who's due soon and wanted to have (could have) a VBAC. It wasn't until recently that she found out that just like the second baby this one is a bridge. Sometimes you don't know until the end. My goal is to have a healthy LB in my arms. Children are a joy.
These are my updates for now. I've had a decaff latte today (yes!), I'm waiting for a friend for lunch and I'm supposed to try to see another one this p.m. Let's see how the day unfolds. Hope you're having a marvelous day.
Cintia Listenbee said...

Depende de cada caso. Tem hospitais que deixam a mulher tentar, tem outros que não por causa de insurance companies e do risco do útero romper e até de morte. No meu caso o hospital não deixa, e até o finalzinho as vezes a gente não sabe do que vai precisar. A enfermeira lá da igreja disse que ela já fez vários partos normais depois de cesária. Ela diz que ao mesmo tempo quando a perda de vida acontece é uma perda tremenda.