La Leche plus Oatmeal

Friday, March 19, 2010

My baby is growing every day, so is his taste for grown up food. I gave him baby oatmeal instead of rice cereal but a couple of weeks ago he refused to eat it. I moved on to quick oats and he loves it. I know oatmeal is good for us (check out this website) but sometimes I wonder why I got into eating it. My cousins grew up eating it, we did not. I was kind of introduced through granola, which I ate plenty of when I started dieting as a teenager. Once I came to the States, the colder climate led me to be more open to oatmeal and its infinite combinations. Now that I'm a mom, I want my baby to develop a taste for whole food. I don't put any sugar in it so he knows what oatmeal tastes like. I often mix a little formula in it, til we can give him milk. This photo is of us at Cracker Barrell eating oatmeal. It was exciting to find something he could eat in the menu. No pancakes for baby for a while. 

The story is old. Mom doesn't have time to eat (well). If mom is pregnant... wow, now we have a real problem. My eating habits totally sucked this week. Last night I decided I was going to take the same approach as I did in college: cook in advance. I am happy to say that there was steal cut oatmeal for me for breakfast. There will be plenty rice and beans for lunch and I'll freeze a week's worth so I don't have to worry about what's for lunch. I have a growing baby inside of me (which I get to 'see' today!) and she needs to be cared for. I'm also working on getting back to walking more often. The weather is cooperating, work schedule is not but next week I'll start - no excuses!

I went to my first La Leche meeting this week. LP had an early childhood ed event in the public library (our first, I loved it) and I saw the meeting being held so we just went in. It was very illuminating. I left with a sense that I too can breastfeed successfully. La Leche is an incredible organization and I think I can find a lot of support as well as a couple of people call on for questions and concerns. I'm willing to give it a try again with the next baby. Those awesome ladies also helped me to think ahead and plan for things once baby girl arrives. I need to decide so many things such as a cleaning schedule (not for me of course), cooking, who will take care of LP while LB and I get acquainted... I'm glad I have 18 weeks or so to work on all that. 
Victoria said...

Good luck with the breastfeeding! I never got to BF Logan, but I hope you have great luck with it! And the rice and oatmeal, Logan never ate either one. We moved straight to avocado! It is packed with healthy fats, etc...and she still loves them!

Rebekah Williams said...

You sound like such a darling mama! What good care you are taking for son (and daughter in utero!)

Have a great time "seeing" that daughter today. What fun!

Cintia Listenbee said...

@Rebekah thank you so much! had a great time today. they took forever to see me so i got to read magazines and have a little down time :)
@Victoria Thank you! i haven't tried avocado with LP. We grew up with plenty of it in our backyard (literally) but I never got into it. I'll be sure to include in my and his to-try list :)