Wish Lists

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm not going pink crazy but we're so excited to know the gender of our baby! I'm not gonna make any major changes in the color of our nursery, just gonna get some extra things we need. One thing I learned is not to judge someone else's baby registry, no matter how many kids they already have. A registry is just a wish list. People sometimes get mad and say 'why are they asking for this and that? they already have 7 kids!' The madness of the baby industry is such that my 10-month-old child is kind of old fashioned compared to the new products available out there. It's up to me to decide what we really need and want. Thank God we have the basics but I already have a list with our needs. I usually don't put my wants in the registry but I just might. The only want I would put out there is for girly slings. All my slings are very boyish or very, VERY neutral. We were so blessed the last time we got a sling for each day of the week. 

The thing about slings is that sometimes they're really related to a certain way of parenting - nothing wrong with that. I happen to use them because:
• It gives me back a break;
• My baby stays close to me;
• They look cool;
• It reminds me of the women I saw in Zimbabwe carrying their babies on their backs;
• I can go on 3 mile walks with my baby without having to use my arm to carry them. 
* This is a photo of my son and I when he was around a month. I washed that sling (which was already small) so much that shrunk and I gave it away :)
More than any wish, my true desire is for a healthy baby. So keep praying for us! Don't forget to look at the previous post and enter for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate
Blessings upon you today!