Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I received so many treats this weekend! My awesome husband treated me to a mani/pedi on Thursday. I took it with a smile. What an awesome treat! He brought me yellow roses and sent me to a shopping day totally by myself. I bought a few more summer pieces for my maternity wardrobe. I spent one whole hour at a discount store trying on regular cloths but  they just don't work for me anymore. I have totally assumed the belly :)
Saturday we went to a birthday party for a baby girl who was born around the same time as LP. All those moms were in the same prenatal class and mommy & baby group with me. It's so nice to get together with everyone! It's nice to compare notes, ask questions about the babies and just know there's someone out there going through the same things as I am - planning birthdays included. Oh, when I looked at that photo I also thought 'boy, I'm very pregnant!' Indeed I am. 24 weeks and progressing. 15 more weeks to hold LB! 
We went to a baby shower Sunday honoring a friend. She's due in May. I remember her hosting so many parties, baby showers, etc, and I know God is blessing her now that's her turn. She's also expecting a girl, so I was admiring all the little girl stuff. One of my gifts was a body suit that said 'I love my aunt.' I'm glad I knew she has a sister who will be thrilled to see the baby in that outfit  :) 
I'll have a post about the preps for LP's 1st birthday party. Please know that before it starts, I've ben wondrously blessed already. 
I will also have a post about the new and exciting items we bought for LB. Okay, I can't resist: I'm a proud owner of a Moby Wrap and a manual breast pump! I'll do a review on the new products for you (thanks for the suggestion Molly) once I have LB to enjoy them.
Thanks for the feedback on Making (New) Friends! Blessings to you!
Digital Mom said...

YAY for mommy pampering (before the pampers ha!)

Looking forward to your reviews! I have a peanut shell sling but always wondered about the wraps.