Walk in the Park

Friday, April 23, 2010

This child loves to be outside. So do I. An important person in my life said my life wouldn't be the same after I had kids for there would be no time to exercise. Wrong! He's one more motivation to get out there and put the miles in. In the winter he motivated me too. I knew I would have a better day if I got my walk in before he woke up giving us both a better day full of energy.

This particular park has 1.3 miles. I used to go by myself and train for races there. I walk from my house to get the most miles out of the work out. I would do a 'prayer walk' (praying while you walk, that simple). I would look at the river and think of Psalm 23: 'He leads me besides the still waters, He restores my soul.' 
The day before my water broke I went for a walk there with my husband. I really like this park and commend the town for keeping it nice and clean. 

I've heard some scary stories about this park too. I try to be wise and not to go late. I also trust God and just enjoy His creation while out there. 

If you need motivation to get out there and walk, you could try several things: 

• write a number of miles you want to walk per week;
• have your tennis shoes ready to go;
• meet with a friend and walk together;
• make it your outside time with your kids;
• join a walking group;
• do a prayer walk;
• make it your alone time;
• make it the good habit you'll start this week.

Whatever works, it's worth getting out there and just walking. I also use my walking time to thing about ideas for the blog. I kind of mentally write things before they  make it here. As you all know, I use the website Daily Mile to keep up with my workouts for the week. A great place to find support!

I pray that you have a great weekend and get out there, even if it's for 15 minutes. You'll be glad you did!
Julie said...

Going on walks is our favorite thing to do!!

The Conservationist said...

Lovely! I think we have the same stroller, and we took a walk around our half-built neighborhood today before nap as well! Amen on trusting God - otherwise we might never leave our air conditioned homes and cars.

Megan said...

I love it!

I'm hosting a small "blogging" get together next week ~ we'll talk all kinds of blog stuff and Twitter too!

Please, join us! Friday, April 30th ...9-12 (or later) . Let me know if you are free.