Monday, May 31, 2010

13 months

Like most moms, I sometimes wish I could have a clone so I could do twice as much. At the end of the day I feel sorry for the clone (what if she wants to have her own life?) and I feel sorry for myself not taking the time to breath and enjoy this unique moment in the Little Prince's life. 
He is giving me all kinds of new experiences. Yesterday we attend our first park birthday party ever. It was lots of fun! He did pretty well considering that he didn't have much of a nap all morning (he doesn't nap well at church). He behaved well and he taught me to make sure to have something (pack and play, old blanket, etc) or somewhere he can be free to crawl and roll around. Thanks for another lesson son!

The gorgeous girl with us in this picture is our sister in Christ and friend Adventure Girl. She's a delight and she loves LP. We love her so much too. 

LP is now 13 months. Last year around this time I was just trying to gather strength to go back to my 'normal' life. Now things are much easier. He sings, speaks a couple of words in Portuguese (his main language as of right now), he learned how to blow kisses, he waves to people, he crawls really fast.... He's doing awesome. I still sing, speak Portuguese better than ever because of him, I kiss him several times a day, am constantly after him because he's so fast... I am doing awesome. I thank God for his smiles, his personality, his determination, his respect for us and his love. That's undeniable. He loves me and I am thankful.
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