Weekly Menu

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I've posted about struggling to come up (and keep) a menu for the week. Now that LP is eating grown folk food the need to keep a steady flow of good (home cooked) food has increased. Yesterday I came up with a menu for the week based on a magazine, online search and our pantry. Here's the plan for the week:

• Baked Pasta
• Grilled chicken, green salad, kale, baked sweet potato
• Arroz, feijão, angú, frango
• The other white meat grilled, creamed corn, mixed veggies, biscuits
• Meatloaf with squash rice casserole
• Oven friend chicken, peas, mashed potatoes
• Thai red curry chicken with jasmine rice
 Spinach and Mushroom salad with Grilled chicken (we had this yesterday, it was awesome! Recipe here)

Once I get more organized I'll assign different days of the week to each menu item. One step at the time right? Have a great week everyone!