The Challenge

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our pastor just got finished preaching a sermon series called 'Family Affair.' It was awesome to say the least. It challenged me to have and maintain healthy relationships. The bad thing about church folk is that as soon as the series (sometimes the sermon) is over, we forget about it and move on to do whatever we were doing before. 
Determined to be different this time, I decided to do an exercise I ran into yesterday. I found this 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge for Wives online. I think that by taking this challenge I'll be able to follow the Biblical principles I received during the sermon series and I'll be encouraged to take daily steps towards a healthier marriage.
I think that most real marriages have issues and challenges to be balanced with the sweetness that it brings. I believe that most real marriages and healthy relationships require maintenance, care and sometimes plain work. I'm no expert in the subject in general but I am the expert in my own marriage relationship. The challenge is also a prayer that God will bind us together, closer than we've been before. One doesn't have to go through problems in order to decided 'hey, I could make my husband's day by being more encouraging.' That's the purpose of me taking this challenge.
It's been amazing how having kids and just getting knee deep in the relationship changes things for the better. My husband and I agree that we had a great time when we dated and were engaged but there's no comparison to being married. It seems that the deeper the commitment, the greater the reward - as well as the challenges one faces. It's been worth it all. 
I'm in love with my husband and I'm committed to him as long as we both shall live. While we are both breathing, why not work on becoming the best wife I can be? I'm sure this won't be a piece of cake (that's why is called a 'challenge') so pray that I will learn a lot and become less self-centered. True love gives, so I'm excited about experiencing love at its best.
I'll give you an update half-way there as well as at the end. Anyone interested in taking up this challenge? Maybe you have done it already. Let me know how it went!
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kym said...

I'm in....everyone can use some encouragement...and I haven't been that encouraging lately to my favorite person!