Thursday, May 20, 2010

As opposed to last time I failed my glucose test. It was a bummer to fail (just by a slight margin) but I thought that if I had failed it in my previous pregnancy it would be HORRIBLE. I was so determined to get everything right that there was no margin for error. This time I still don't like the fact that I failed but I know 3% of women do. The next step is the 3 hour glucose test in the hospital. The good thing? I get to advance on the novel I've been working on. There's not uninterrupted time for reading but with this test there will be plenty. 
My iron level is okay. I can't remember exactly but I think they'll measure it once again by the end of the pregnancy. I failed that one last time so I was taking iron pills. I decided to be proactive this time and take iron pills sometimes just to help. I haven't been faithful in doing so but the little I did seems to be helping. Glory be to God. My husband is just amazed at how different these two pregnancies have been. 
With 72 days to go I am starting to think about how I am going to lose this weight. I got a health book in the library to give me more encouragement and I'm slowly but surely planning my fitness come back. I want to run a 5K this fall.
I am now at a point where I can plan a baby shower. We have a date, we think we have a location, now I just have to work on the invitation and registry. I made a list of supplies we needed a while ago and I think we might need to physically go to a baby store and register for the things we need before I get too tired to do that. We've been blessed with sweet things for girls and we are so thankful! 
LB still doesn't have a name. We get to laughing every time we try to brainstorm and that's where we usually stop. I know something special will come to us both. 
We did her 3D (did I say FREE) ultrasound yesterday. The second time around was different from the first time. I got tired of laying there on my back. They asked me to change positions twice and without help it was challenging. I'm glad we helped some radiography students in the process and at the same time you can tell why it's free: they're learning. Both my babies covered their faces; the first one eventually moved. They didn't try much with the second one. We got a good glimpse of her nose and mouth. I know we will just see her on birth day and we're okay with that. It's still fun to do the 3D thing.
I'll save the update on LP for the next post. He's too cute, learning new things every day and just being awesome. Have a great day and pray for me, I do want to pass the next glucose test.