From Funk to Faith

Friday, May 21, 2010

Have you had one of those days that could be described as 'not my best days on earth but not my worse either'? That described yesterday. I decided to be proactive. It all started with this little fact I talked about yesterday. I didn't think it was going to affect me but hec, I'm pregnant, everything affects me. These hormones just push my feelings to the edge. It gets intense at times but most people wouldn't know. 
Here's a quick list of what took me from funk to faith:

1. Exercise
I had already rested so I decided to go for a walk. That was the best thing ever. I needed the exercise for my mind more than my body. I thanked God for the breezy weather. LP was tired so we didn't go as far but boy, did it help us!
2. Eat a good meal
I ate a pretty good lunch (salad with hummus). You'll be surprised how healthy food can affect your mood. 
3. Clean 
Yeah, the dishes were pilling up. I guess I can say it was the habit of putting people first. It felt good to start and finish this task.
4. Listen to the Word of God 
I can talk to people all day long but only the Word of God brings life to my soul. I appreciate people but my help comes from the Lord. I have the habit of listening to the Bible on audio ( is a free service, look at the bottom of the page) or to a Bible based ministry. Of course I listen to my pastor's sermons as well.
5. Cook Dinner
I don't claim to be a gourmet chef by any means but just by doing something for someone else it really got me out of my funk. The best thing, the guys were hungry and really enjoyed it!

I know 3% of women get gestational diabetes. I know it goes away after birth. I'm not claiming I have it, I'm believing God for a healthy end of pregnancy and I believe I'll pass the next test since the numbers weren't so high. I also believe that no matter what you face you can stay in a funk or you can have faith and enjoy this awesome life God has given you.

Oh, another thing that made my day better: I put a few things on consignment and they took 98% of the things I had to sell. It was nice to help a local business and hopefully make a little cash out of things we can no longer use. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!
Victoria said...

Im glad you are feeling better. We all have "funky" days, but I am so glad you were able to improve your mood. I sure hope everything turns out ok with GB, will be keeping you in my prayers. You are inspiring - keep it up!