Friday 5s

Friday, May 21, 2010

Healthy Tips (for me)

1. Keep a Food Journal - When I kept one before both pregnancies it helped me be accountable and lose 40 pounds.

2. Drink More Water - I used to keep a bottle of water on my desk at work so at the end of the day I knew I had enough. I still keep a big cup around the house with water for the same purpose but I need to do much better with drinking my 8 cups a day! 

3. Move - If I use the word 'exercise' many will say 'no time, boring, no money'... If we say move more is different. Now with the summer season coming we can work on the yard, plant a garden, mow grass, go for walks, dance.... Just move more people! 

4. Avoid Stress - I've felt the effects of stress in my life and they were no joke. Pursuing peace is one of the best antidotes for this life killer. A person who has their weight in check and looks like a million dollars can still feel like crap because of stress. The worse thing are the side effects that it brings. Avoid it. Please do.

5. Be a Good Role Model - now that I have children I realize that they watch my every move. I need to model healthy behavior to them. Not only in what I eat (they want to try what I eat constantly) or how much I exercise (we try to go out for walks often) but also how I balance other things in life. I want them to have good memories of visiting fresh produce stands and farms (if it all possible), going swimming and hiking and just enjoying peaceful moments while listening to nature. It's more complex when it comes to adults. I've written about my frustration when other adults in my life wouldn't be healthy but they all are highly impressed with results. I don't think that the results in my life will change theirs so all I can do is model good healthy behaviors and pray that they too will find their way.

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Julie said...

All of these are wonderful goals! I love what you said about keeping stress low. Stress is definitely a "life killer"!

Beth McC. said...

Love all your tips!! I hear you on the stress thing, I am working very hard on getting better with dealing with things! Thanks for doing my Friday Fives!