Mommy n' Me Monday

Monday, May 3, 2010

We celebrated my son's birthday for the second time this weekend. My parents were in from Brasil for this special occasion. The party was for my nieces as well. This set of cousins were all born within the same week - pretty exciting stuff. 
You can totally see how pregnant I am (almost at the 3rd trimester) so this totally qualifies as a Mommy n' Me Monday post :) 
My son took a while to get used to my relatives, therefore, we had lots of mommy and me time. It took him a whole day but he finally started getting used to everyone. At first, I thought, 'my plan totally backfired.' Then I thought, 'most of the time it's just the two of us, so no wonder he is having a little stranger anxiety.' On top of that, he was tired from the trip, out of his regular schedule... he did as well as he could.
It's nice to know that comfort and stability comes from being with mommy. As long as I was around, he was alright. 
Here's a photo of my parents holding my 1-year-old (can you believe it?) and my sister-in-law's parent's holding my nieces. I had the privilege if dressing my 1-year-old niece for the party. It was fun taking care of both of them. They were born 2 days apart, so I call them 'the twins' when we're all together. Cintia (my niece) is a totally different than my son. She's really sweet and lots of fun once she gets to know you. She's been walking for months while the Little Prince doesn't seem interested at all. 
We're gonna see my in-laws soon. It'll be interested to see if he repeats the 'give me a day to get used to you' pattern. Whether or not that happens, it's just awesome to know that Mommy is the constant source of comfort and security in his life. These sweet moments don't last forever, so I'm having a ball with it!

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LulaLola said...

Sweet post! Doesn't it make you feel good to know how safe and sound he feels when you're close by? I love that about my kids!

Jenilee said...

oh, these sweet moments don't last forever, you are right! blogging is a great way to remember them and cherish them as they happen. :) cute post!

Julie said...

How special that your family got to celebrate with your son. What a special time. Glad that he is able to get to "know" them. Thanks so much for joining in today!!

Heidi said...

Well Happy Birthday little man! Love these of your two-