Wednesday, May 12, 2010

There's so much to say and nothing to say today. For this very reason I decided to start with a photo of the Little Prince. He's all ready for bed and enjoying his toys. He's way more 'talkative' now. He claps his hands when he feels like it (yes!) stomps his feet often and has a great sense of humor. The child enjoy being silly and laughing a lot. That's a blessing because the joy of the Lord is our strength! 
LB is doing fine. I'm doing well, thank God. The news in the clinic is that we can no longer get videos of our ultrasound visits. Let's put it like this, we enjoyed it while we could. We got all 'fun' visits on video til now. I'm happy they still give you 'pictures' and I guess when we do our 3D we get a little video of it there as well. This may seem silly but I'm really curious to see what her nose looks like. It looks cute on the picture I got today but I want to see more details on the 3D. She's growing and miraculously I haven't gained any weight these past two weeks. It is a miracle after 3 weekends of parties. Go figure?
The Little Prince and I are working on transitioning him from formula to milk. When he gets milk we give it in the sippy cup. He thinks it's a toy, so it's gonna take weeks of this and me totally taking the bottles away for him to get used to it. He actually enjoys partaking in my drinks (water, milk...) from a regular cup. He thinks the sound of him drinking things is funny. He eats grown folk food now and my other challenge is to make sure we get our eating schedule more established. We eat at the correct intervals, we just haven't put it down on paper and worked on making it happen for a period of time. 
I tell you what, talking about my kids is so pleasurable! I'm looking forward to holding LB in my arms. We have around 10 weeks. She moves a lot. She's got lots of personality already. LP was way more laid back in the womb. This one might be running 5Ks with me in a few years. We'll see won't we?

Although I am not enjoying some of the side effects that pregnancy brings, I am totally enjoying my connection to LB. It feels like she's in my most intimate sling ever. Yeah. That's what if feels like to carry her. I love to feel her move and that's what I missed the most during the 7-month-break between her and LP. I found an essay about an expecting mom that further describes this awesome feeling:

"I smile brightly at the chance to spend these next few months locked in this fleeting dance of privilege: the only one to feel her, the only one to comfort and feed her, and if I do know her name, the only one to whisper it into the night sky." from Nameless by Karen Bannister
Rebekah Williams said...

I LOVE the Bannister quote--I have never read that before and feel it may sum up the wonderment of pregnancy better than anything I've heard.

Enjoy this special time.

Digital Mom said...

Love this. Pregnancy is such a great time of connection. You'll be smiling holding your little girl in no time!

Happy 3rd trimester!